Lauhala Baskets


Medium Lauhala Basket Square # 7728 1568 or

Medium Lauhala Basket Round # 7787 3430

Creative Twist - color choice

Raffia - natural # 3001 0523

Low temp glue gun & glue sticks

Shells or flowers

Note: The samples were made using Navy & Red Creative Twist.


Round Lauhala Basket:

Remove the cover of the basket from the bottom. You will only be decorating the cover.

Cut 2 pieces of Creative Twist 18" long. Carefully untwist pieces but do not smooth out the wrinkles. Take one strip and center the piece over the top of the cover of the basket.

Fold under the excess Creative Twist to the inside of the basket cover on both sides. Glue the ends of the strip in place. Take the other strip and repeat the steps, but crossing over the first strip.

Take some raffia and make a loopy bow for the top center of the cover. Trim off loops and shred the raffia so that it is finer. Use a piece of raffia to tie the two Creative Twist strips together in the center. Tie the raffia fringe piece to the center top, trimming excess. Glue flowers or shells to the top of the raffia. Place cover back onto the bottom of the lauhala basket.

Square Lauhala Basket:

The square basket is done the same way as the round except it has a fabric strip added on top of the Creative Twist. You will need 2 pieces of 3" x 21" coordinating fabric. Cut 2 pieces of Creative Twist 21" long and untwist.

Fold the raw edges of the fabric under until the strip is only about 1.5" wide. Glue fabric strips on top of the untwisted Creative Twist strips. Attach the strips the same as with the round basket. Add raffia and shell or flower direction on top. Place cover back on top of the bottom of the basket.

Fill baskets with goodies to give as a gift!


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