Lava Bead Inlaid TearDrop Necklace

This necklace design was inspired by the lava-like beads and inlaid teardrop. It has a definite Hawaiian influence and therefore is a perfect accessory for local style fashions. In less than an hour the beads can be strung on beading wire, a clasp added, and it’s ready to wear.

1) One 2-1/4” inlaid teardrop pendant (Imagine It)
2) 7 wooden seed beads (1/8”)
3) 16 irregular triangle wooden beads (1/4”-3/8”)
4) 6 irregular shell beads (3/8”)
5) 20 round lava beads (1/2”)
6) 2 rectangular carved wooden beads (7/8”x5/8”)
7) 2 round wooden beads (1/4”)
8) One set copper hook clasp with jump rings
9) 3” piece of bronze wire (Vintaj)
10) 24” bronze-colored bead stringing wire (7 strand Beadalon)
11) 2 copper 3mm beads (Sierra Pacific)

1) Crimping tool
2) Wire cutter





1) String a few seed beads onto the bronze wire, pass it through the pendant, add the rest of the seed beads, and twist the wire into a circle, trimming the ends.
2) Pass the stringing wire through the seed bead circle.
3) Add the beads in this order : triangle wood, shell, triangle wood, shell, triangle wood, shell, lava, rectangle wood, 9 lava, 5 triangle wood, round wood.
4) String the beads in the same order on the other side of the necklace.
5) Use the copper bead like a crimp, stringing the end of the wire through the copper bead, then through the jump ring and back through the copper bead.
6) Pass the end of the wire back through a few more beads before crimping the copper bead.
7) Do step 6 on the other side of the necklace.


Tip: You can use regular crimping tube beads instead of the 3mm copper beads and add crimp covers but the squashed copper beads look rather natural and match the overall look of the necklace. 2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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