Leibook Pop Up Card

1 qty. 4 ” x 11” Cardstock for the card
1 qty. 2 ” x 5 ” Cardstock for Pop-Up
1 qty. 2 ”x 5” Printed Paper for Pop-Up Top Layer
1 qty. ” x 4 ” Cardstock or Printed Paper for card front ” Double stick Meriken Tape #30013284
Optional embellishments:
Stamps and Inks, Stickers, Die Cuts, Ribbons, Etc.

Pencil Ruler with metal edge #30100068
X-acto Knife #77504092 Cutting Mat #30065911
MS Score Board #30103578
Sharp scissors
Medium Corner Rounder Punch #30068369

Diagram 1
Diagram 2

Diagram 3



Pop-Up- Use the Corner rounder punch to round the two corners on one side of both the 2 ” x 5 ” and 2 ” x 5” cardstocks for the Pop-Ups.


Layer the pieces and adhere together. Decorate the layered piece as desired, leaving the bottom 1” undecorated. Also, note that anything in the top 1” will show when the card is closed. (For the Hello Kitty Grad Instructions – go to the Special section at the end.)


Card Base - Take the 4 ” x 11” cardstock and begin scoring from the left edge at 1”, 2 ”, 3 ”, 5 ”, 7 ”, 8 ” and 10”.


At the midpoint 5 ” scored line, measure in 5/8” from the top and bottom edges. Use the pencil and ruler to draw a 1/4” wide opening between the two markings over the scored line. (Note: If you plan to use thick dimensional embellishment son the Pop-Up, you may need to make the opening wider.)


Place the piece on the cutting mat and use the X-acto knife and metal edge ruler to cut the opening out. Test to see if the embellished Pop-Up will fit through the opening easily, and adjust the opening size as necessary.


Putting it all together- Fold up the card base at the scored lines. On one of the 1” section at the ends, place a strip of Double stick tape along the scored line. Place a strip of double stick tape along the edge of the other 1” section. Leave the protective covering on the tape strips for now.


Slide the Pop-Up between the cutout opening. Make sure that you have it centered it. Remove the protective covering from one strip of tape. Carefully line up the bottom of the Pop-Up with the edge of that section.


Remove the protective covering from the other strip of tape and fold up the other side and attach to the Pop-Up. The Pop-Up should be sandwiched between the two folded sections.


Place the ” x 4 ” strip along the front section of the card base. Add additional embellishments as desired.


When the card is flattened the Pop-Up will slip down through the opening and into the card base. .

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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