Let It Snow

Project by Joy






Clear Pail #3005 7743

4” Styrofoam Ball #7760 3316

White Hearty Clay #3000 6454

Orange Hearty Clay #3003 0918

1” x 1” Cocoa Foamie #3004 1092

Hearty Clay Color Scale Tool #7785 6054

Black Acrylic Paint #7762 4890

Red Acrylic Paint #7762 4866

White Acrylic Paint #7762 4882

Thin Paintbrush

6” Canadian Pine Tree #3006 0039

Red Berry Spray #7799 8096

3” x 3” Blue Cardstock

6 – Small Snowflake Ornaments #3001 4842

Twinkle Flakes #7712 5773 or similar

2 – 15” lengths of Ribbon (sample used “Let It Snow” #3004 0336)

Assorted 3” lengths of 1/8” & ¼” satin ribbons in green, red & white to tie on handle

Wire Cutters #7781 9151

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

5mm Double Stick tape #3001 3283

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Paperclip or similar


Optional: decorations for tree




Trim Styrofoam ball to one third, you will only need this piece. Take the cut third piece and cover the rounded side of the ball with some white Hearty Clay. Set aside.


Using the hearty Clay Color scale as a measuring tool, measure out two “I” balls of white Hearty Clay. Roll together to form one smooth round ball. This is for the body. Measure out one “I” ball of white Hearty clay and roll into a smooth ball for the head. Measure out ½ of an “A” ball of orange Hearty Clay. Roll and shape into a small cone for the “carrot nose” and set aside.


Use the rounded end of the thin paintbrush handle to make two small holes in the head for the eyes. Use the rounded end to dip dot paint the eyes with black acrylic paint. Let dry. Use the tip of a bent paperclip to make a small dot of white acrylic paint on the eyes for accent. Use the dip dot method to make a semi-circle of black dots below the eyes for the smiling “coal” mouth.


With the red acrylic paint, make two small dots side by side above one side of the mouth. Use the tip to pull the paint dots together in the middle to make a small heart for the cheek. Repeat on the other side of the mouth. Use Tacky glue to adhere the orange clay nose in the center below the eyes.


Attach the head to the body and use a little Tacky glue to hold if necessary. Make a larger dip dot heart on the upper left of the body with the red acrylic paint. Let paint dry.

© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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