Lil' Birdie Ornament


3.5" x 6" Fabric for bird
2 - 10mm Moving eyes #7766 0902
1" x 2" Yellow Foamie for Feet #7761 3505
1" x 3" Felt for Wings
1" x 1.5" Felt for Chest
6" of 1/4" ribbon for tail
6" of ribbon for hanger
Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks
Sharp scissors


Fold the lengthwise in half, right sides together, matching the 3.5" edges. Glue the edges together, forming a seam.

Adjust the fabric and move the seam to the middle. Glue one of the open edges closed. Turn the fabric right side out.

Take the ribbon for the hanger and knot ends together, set aside. Take the ribbon for the tail ad tie into a small loopy bow, set aside.

Stuff the fabric pocket with fiberfill until slightly firm. Align the fabric edges of the remaining open edge perpendicular to the opposite glued edge. Tuck the loopy bow "tail into the edge on the side with the glued seam. Tuck the hanger ribbon in on the opposite side. From about 1/2" in, glue edges together with the ribbons sticking out. Use a sharp scissors and snip the fabric edge to create a ruffle for your birdie.

Face the triangular smooth side towards you. This is the front of the birdie. Glue the 10mm moving eyes and the beak to the upper third. Glue the chest below the beak. Glue the two feet below. Glue the wings to either side of the front.

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