Lil' Buggy Puppet


2 pcs. 3" x 4" Black Felt # 7767 6643
2" x 3" Red Felt # 7767 6619
6" Black Chenille stem #7766 9721
2 - 7mm Moving Eyes #7766 0837
Low Temp Glue gun & glue sticks




Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.

Cut the red felt piece in half to make 2 separate wings. Position the red wings on top of one of the black circles, slightly spreading wings apart. Glue in place. Glue 3 black dots to each wing. This is the ladybug's body.

To make the antennae, take the 6" of black chenille stem and bend in half. Twist together at the bend and separate ends. Roll each end into a spiral. Glue the twisted end behind the top of the ladybug's body. Glue the 2 moving eyes below the protruding antennae.

Take the second black felt circle and place under the ladybug's body, matching the edges. Carefully glue the pieces together around the edges but leave about an inch opening at the bottom where the wings separate. This opening is where you can stick your finger in to make the ladybug into a finger puppet.

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