Little Birdie Treat Sack


4 x 8 Felt any color for Birdie
1 X 11 Felt same Birdie color
2 x 2 Orange Felt Beak
1 x 2 Red Felt Heart Cheeks
2 10mm Moving Eyes
Feather any color
Black Fine Tip Permanent Marker
Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks


Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns. Cut the opening out on the Front Birdie Head pieces as indicated on the pattern. This is where you will fill the sack with treats.

Place the Beak over the opening on the Front Birdie Head piece. Glue just the top of the beak to the head. This way the beak will be a flap that can open to get to the treats. With the black fine tip permanent marker, draw 2 short dashes on the beak. Glue the moving eyes above the beak. Glue the heart cheeks to either side of the face. Glue the feather to the top of the head from behind.

Creating the side gusset- carefully glue the edge of the 1 x 11 strip to the edge of the Back Birdie Head piece. Carefully align the Front Head Piece to the other edge of the strip. Glue along the edges to attach the 2 pieces. The strip will create a gusset between the Front and Back. Pinch glue the top of the gusset together behind the feather.

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