Lollipop Favors

White cardstock for stamping
Printed cardstock for flower
Cardstock printed or solid 1" x 5" strips
9-inch 1/8” ribbon
Dandelion stamps
Meriken double stick tape
Color pen, color pencils or chalk for coloring

Clever Lever punch (green) circle punch
Clever Lever punch (yellow) flower punch
Hand punch 1/8"



1. Fold the 1" x 5" cardstock strip wrap it around the lollipop (look at the blue lollipop at the top for a side-view).


2. Use a strip of double stick tape down the center back of the paper before putting the lollipop in. This will keep the lollipop from moving around.


3. Punch a 1/8" hole on both sides of the lollipop stick.


4. Threaded a 9" piece of ribbon through the holes and tie a bow.


5. Stamp and color image. Use the Cleaver Lever (green) circle punch to punch out the stamped image.


6. Punch a printed cardstock using the Clever Lever (yellow) flower punch. Use the double-stick-tape to mount the stamped piece on top of the flower. Mount to the lollipop with the double-stick-tape.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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