"Love Blooms Here"


1 qty. Glass Block #30090220 (wavy)

1 qty. Vinyl Wording “Love Blooms Here” - White #30090673 or Black #30090672

1 qty. Package of Wood Dowels 1/8” x 12” #77187526

1 qty. Green Paper Shreds #30070139

Cardstock for each flower you want to make:

      1 qty. 4” x 4” Colored Cardstock for Large Flower base

      2 qty. 3” x 3 ” Colored Cardstock for Small Flower Layers

1 qty. 1 ” x 4” Green Cardstock for each leaf you want to make

Small photos of people/pets for the flower centers (finished punch size is 1 ” diameter)

Pop Up Glue Dots #30001511

Green Floral Tape #77479402

Clear tape


Optional: Rubbing Alcohol to clean the glass


NOTE: You can also use Stickers to create the wording.



Pen/Pencil for tracing

Sharp Scissors

Punch Magic Fold it Punch – Starflower #30081275

Extra Jumbo Scallop Circle Punch #30090341  



Clean the inside and outside of the glass block and let dry completely. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions and apply the vinyl wording “Love Blooms here” to one side of the glass block. Set aside.


Creating the Photo flowers:

Trace and cut out flowers from contrasting colored cardstock according to the patterns. You should end up with one large and two smaller flowers shapes for each flower you want to make. Turn the circle scallop punch upside down. Place the photo onto the punch and center the area you want for the flower. Punch out photo.


Wrap a wooden dowel with green floral tape. Take the large flower shape and attach to the dowel with a piece of clear tape. Center and layer a smaller flower shape onto the larger flower. Attach with a Pop Up glue dot. Center and layer the photo circle onto the smaller flower. Attach with a Pop Up glue dot. Center and layer the second small flower shape on the other side of the large flower. Attach with a Pop Up glue dots. Optional: Add a leaf to the stem by placing end of leaf alongside dowel and wrapping with floral tape to secure. Repeat these steps until you make at least 3 – 5 photo flowers.


Creating the Accent flowers:

Use the magic Punch fold-it Punch – Starflower to make these flowers. Punch out two per flower. Fold according to the directions. Attach one flower to the end of a floral wrapped dowel with a piece of clear tape. Attach the second starflower to the opposite side with a Pop Up glue dot. Create as many starflowers as needed. Optional: You can also add a leaf to these flower stems.


Assembling the Arrangement:

Place some green paper shreds inside of the glass block. Carefully arrange the Photo flowers in the block; the shreds should hold them in place. Trim the ends of the dowels if necessary to vary the heights. Add the starflowers for accents the same way.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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