"Love My Stuff" Treasure Box



Wood Cigar Box #3001 6056

Black Acrylic Paint #7762 4890

Matte Acrylic Varnish #7762 8099

1” Foam Brush #7752 7499

2 –sheets of Shortcuts Metallic Paper – Real Aluminum #3002 4300

2 – 7 11/16” x 8” cardboard pieces for lining

2 – Velvet Papers for lining, color choice

13 – ” Metallic Brads

5 yards of ” ribbon – color match

6 ” of ” dowel #7771 8312

Xacto Knife #7750 4092

2 – Wooden 5/8” Mini Candle Cups #7761 2473

Cardstock scraps


Alphabet Templates or die cuts

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Ranger Alcohol Inks - assorted

Alcohol Blending Solution #3002 9842

1” Wooden cube #7793 7565

” x ” Sticky Back Velcro #7753 5039

” Felt squares

Mini Screwdriver Set # 3002 5448

Paper towels

Tape (masking or scotch)

Paper Piercer #3000 3198

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks

Optional: Rolling Brayer #3001 5039


Note: Sample shown used Charcoal Velvet paper #3000 4081, Silver Organza ribbon #3000 4171 and silver metal brads #3002 2336.


Using the mini screwdriver, remove the hinges and clasp on the wooden cigar box. Set aside. Paint the inside and outside edges of the two sides of the cigar box. Let dry. Brush on a coat of the acrylic varnish, let dry.

Outside Embossed Decorating of the Cigar Box-

Using either a template or Accu cut die cutting system, cut out at least 3 of each letter:

Capitals: L, M and S. Lowercase: o, v, e, and y, t u. Cut out 6 of lowercase f. You can substitute a heart shape for the letter “o”. Stack and glue 3 of each letter together. Arrange letters on the outside of the top cover of the box (thinner side). Glue letters to the cigar box, spelling out the phrase “Love My Stuff”

Next you will cover the cigar box front with the adhesive aluminum. Remove the protective covering on the back and carefully align the edges of the aluminum to the edges of the cigar box. Smooth out surface, using the rolling brayer if you want. Carefully trim off the excess aluminum along the edge of the cigar box. Repeat these steps for the bottom outside cover. You can use other layered cutout designs if you want for the back.

You can decorate the metal surfaces with the alcohol inks as in the sample. Adhere only the loopy hook side of the sticky-back Velcro to the wood blocks. Cut a small piece of felt and stick onto the Velcro for a makeshift inker. Squeeze a few drops of alcohol ink onto the felt and blot onto the metal. Use a new piece of felt and change colors of alcohol inks. Continue adding colors to your metal. Next, use a few drops of alcohol blending solution on a clean felt. Blot solution onto the inked areas and watch the colors transform. Continue inking surfaces until you get the desired effect. Set aside.

Inside Linings of the Cigar Box-

Take the two pieces of 7 11/16” x 8” cardboard and re-fit to the insides of the boxes, trimming if necessary. Take a velvet paper and turn it with the wrong side up. Center a cardboard piece on top and trim paper, leaving a slight border. Fold over border edges and glue to cardboard. Repeat with the other cardboard and velvet paper.

For the left inner cover lining, you will make a ribbon memory board.  You will need to cut the following lengths of ribbon: 2 – 16”, 4 –12”, and 4 – 8”. Take one of the covered boards and turn over to the velvet side. Lay one of the 16” ribbon across diagonally the center. Tape the ends of the ribbon to the back.  Next take 2 of the 12” ribbons and lay across diagonally about 1 ” away from the center ribbon on either side. Tape the ends of the ribbons to the back. Take 2 of the 8” ribbons and lay each one diagonally 1 ” away from the second ribbons. Tape the ends of the ribbon to the back. Repeat these steps with the remaining ribbons, criss-crossing diagonally over the first set. Weave the second set of ribbons with the first.

Use the paper piercer and make a hole where the ribbons intersect. Push a brad through each hole and fasten to the board to help keep the ribbons in place. Glue board into the front cover.

For the right side cover lining, paint the dowel and candle cups with the black acrylic paint. Let dry. Brush a coat of matte acrylic varnish over the painted surfaces. Let dry.

Push each end of the dowel into a candle cup for a finished look. Place lining into the other lid of the cigar box to determine the correct placement. Determine which sides are the top and bottoms and remove form the lid. Cut 2 pieces of ribbon about 4” long. Fold ribbon in half. Place each ribbon about 1” down over the top edge of the lining and about 1” in from the side edges. Tape the loose ends of the ribbon to the back, forming loops onto to the front. Slip the dowel onto the ribbon loops. Place lining into the box and make sure that you are able to remove the dowel from the ribbon loops while in the box lid. Adjust the ribbon loops if necessary. When complete, glue the lining with the dowels into the lid. This dowel is for hanging your favorite jewelry and other trinkets.

Place decorated cigar box lids together. Screw hinges and clasps back onto the cigar box. Fill your treasure box with your favorite things and enjoy!

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