Lucky Pin


1 qty. Felt – your color choice for Bird

1 qty. Pirate Green Felt #77677005 for Clovers

1 qty. Neon Green Felt # 30064353 for Clovers

1 qty. ” x ” Orange Felt #30061435 for Beak

1 qty. 5mm Moving Eyes #30055154

3 qty. 3” lengths of Thin Londy Wire – color contrast to bird felt

1 qty. 1”Pin Back – Gold #77403337 or Silver #77126987



Pen/Pencil for tracing

Sharp Scissors

Wire cutters #30056206

Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers #30056199

Low temp Glue Gun & Glue Sticks




Diagram 1



Trace and cut out pieces from felt according to the patterns.


Take a piece of Londy wire. Grab one end with the tip of the needle nose pliers and start to curl the wire inwards. Use the pliers to curl wire, following the pictured sample as a guideline. Leave the last ” straight. Take one of the bird body pieces and place in front of you. Arrange the curled wires at the tip of the tail. Glue in place.


Fold the orange beak piece in half. Add a dot of glue to hold in place. Place the beak on the curved head side of the bird and glue in place. Take the other bird body piece and lay on top, matching the edges. Glue both piece together. Glue the moving eye onto the bird’s head by the beak.


Arrange four of the neon green hearts into a clover at the bottom of the bird. Glue in place. Place the pirate green hearts on either back side of the bird and glue in place.


Glue the pin back behind the bird’s body.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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