Lumina Asian Pin/Magnet



Lumina Clay #30030924

Clay Roller kit #30028375

Black Hearty Clay #77856013

Hearty Clay Scissors #77942722

Perfect Pearls -assorted

” Button Magnet #77622688 or Pinback #77403337 or #77122687

Bamboo stencil #30010758




Follow the manufacturer’s direction for the Clay Roller kit.


Take about a 1 ” block of Lumina clay. Roll clay out on the clay roller using the 1/16” side rails. Roll clay out to about a 2 ”.


Place the bamboo stencil on the center of the clay and use the roller to press down into the clay. Lift off the stencil. The bamboo design should be impressed into the clay. Use the Hearty Clay scissors to trim the design to a circle with the bamboo toward the left side.

Smooth edges


Use the Perfect Pearls and a little water to “paint” the design in. Option: In the sample a golden moon was painted in the background. 

Let dry.


Take a 2” ball of Black Hearty Clay and roll out to about 2 ” . Place the Lumina clay piece in the center. Roll the black Hearty Clay around the edges of the Lumina piece, creating a frame. Let dry. Glue a magnet or pinback behind the piece.

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