Lumina Hawaiian Magnet




Lumina Clay #3003 0924

Clay Roller Set #3002 8375

Hearty Clay 3- Pc Tool Set #7785 6013

Hawaiian design stencil (plastic or brass)

Perfect Pearls by Ranger - assorted

” Button Magnet #7762 2688




Following the manufacturer’s directions, knead Lumina clay a little for easier forming.


Depending on what size you want your finished magnet to be, break off about a 1” long block of clay and roll into a ball. Using the 1/16” rails on the roller board, flatten and spread the clay with the roller. Stop before the clay is completely even with the rails.


Place the stencil in the center of the clay. Roll over the stencil and clay together. The stencil design will push through the clay. Carefully remove the stencil. You will see that the stencil has left a raised impression of the design on the clay.


Decide on the shape you want your finished magnet to be. It can be square, round or even a free form shape like the sample. Use the knife-like tool to cut away the excess clay  around the stencil design to create your finished shape.


Lift the finished magnet design off the board. Smooth the edges around your magnet.


To color the clay, you can use Perfect Pearls pigment powders by Ranger. To get a cleaner coloring, place the stencil back over the design, align to match. Mix a little water with a little powder and paint in the design. Remove stencil. You can also dust dry powder onto the wet clay to give a shimmering effect. Let magnet dry. Lumina clay generally dries within 24 hours and is an air-dry clay.


When the Lumina clay is completely dry, glue the magnet button behind the piece.

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