Lunch Bag Bunny


1 qty Paper Crafting Bag 4 5/8” x 8 ”- White #30104110
1 qty 5” x 7 ” White Cardstock – for the Outer ears and eyes
1 qty 6” x 4” Pink Cardstock for the inner ears and nose
1 qty. 2 ” x 2 ” Black Cardstock for the small and large eyes
1 qty. 2” x 2” Blue Cardstock for the eyes Black Sharpie Marker #91029
Adhesive (Tacky Glue #77609875 or
3/16” Meriken Double-stick tape #30013283)




Place the paper bag flat in front of you. Measure 2” down from the top edge of the bag, crease. Open the bag up and fold this 2” section into the bag and crease well to form a new top edge.
Fold each top corner at an angle into the side gusset. This shapes the bunny’s head and also keeps the top of the bag closed.
Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock according to the patterns.
For the ears, Center the pink inner ears onto the white ears and glue in place. Place an ear on either side of the head and glue to just the front folded corner.
For the eyes, place the blue circles onto the small black circles and glue in place. Now, place these layered pieces onto the white eye pieces and glue in place. Lastly, place these layered pieces onto the remaining black cardstock and glue in place. Cut out the eyes leaving a thin edge of black outline. Position the eyes onto the head and glue in place.
Place the pink heart nose under the eyes and glue in place. Use the black Sharpie marker to draw in the whiskers on the side of the nose and the smiling mouth.



2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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