Mail Sorter Can




3 – Gallon Cans #16065

3 – 7 3/8” x  “ Printed Papers*

4 ˝ yds. of 7/8” grosgrain ribbon, color match paper

2” x 6” Cardstock – color match paper

3 – Large Oval Tag Rims #3005 5758

18” of 1/8” ribbon, color match

Marker or ink and alphabet stamps for lettering

Double stick tape #3001 3283



X-acto knife #23975

Cutting Mat #7794 1575

Making Memories Tag Maker #3005 5753

1/8” Hole punch #7717 8541


*NOTE: You can get the three pieces from one sheet of wrapping paper from the “It’s a Wrap” collection. Sample used the Zebra Black print #3005 1388 and black grosgrain ribbon #3003 3016.



Cut out pattern for the hole placements. Take one of the printed papers. With the wrong side of the printed-paper facing up, align the pattern to the top and left edge as indicted on the pattern. Mark the hole placement. Measure 9 3/8” from the left side and align the pattern to the top edge and mark the second hole placement. Place the paper around the can, aligning where the two holes should be to make sure your marks are correct. Adjust if necessary. If the placement markings are correct, cut out the holes from the paper using the X-acto knife. Repeat these steps for all three papers.


Adhere double stick tape along the edges of the wrong side of the papers, using a couple of strips instead of one long one. Place small pieces of tape around the cutout holes.


Remove the protective paper from the double stick tape on the edge closest to the hole in the middle. Remove the protective paper from the tapes around the hole. Carefully place the paper onto the can, aligning the cutout hole over one of the handle extensions on the can. Smooth out the paper and keep the edges in line with the rims of the can. Now, remove the protective paper from the rest of the tapes and slowly adhere the rest of the paper to the can, including over the other cutout hole. Repeat these steps to cover the other two cans.


Cut the ribbon in half. Take one piece and lay it down. Place two of the covered cans side by side on the middle of the ribbon. Tie the cans together with the ribbon, making sure you tie a tight double knot to keep the cans from moving around. Slide the ribbon up the cans to meet along the rims of the opening. Take the other ribbon and tie the back ends of the cans together the same way.


Place the third can on top of the other two. Use the rest of the ribbon lengths to wrap around and tie the can down in the front and back. Secure double knots on the top of the can. Trim off excess ribbon.


Following the manufacturer’s instructions, make three tags from the cardstock. Print “His” on the first tag, “Hers” on the second and “Ours” on the third tag. Use the 1/8” hole punch to make holes on the top of each tag.


String the tag with the 1/8” ribbon. Tie the “His” tag above the left bottom can, slipping the ribbon onto the grosgrain ribbon. Tie the “Hers” tag to the right bottom can. Tie the “Ours” tag above the top can.


© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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