Marbleized Ornament



Clear Glass Ornament

Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints, assorted colors

Paper Towels

Disposable Cup to hold ornament


Choose at least 3 different acrylic paint colors. Keep in mind the colors that form when different colors are mixed together (ex. red and yellow make orange).

Carefully remove the metal hanger from the top of the glass ornament ball. Set aside.

Take one paint color and squeeze some paint into the glass ball. Take another color and squeeze some of that color into the ball. Take the third color and do the same. Add the paint to the glass ornament ball quickly so that the paints do not set.

Fold the paper towel to a thick piece and place over the opening of the glass ball. The paper towel is there to keep the paint from splattering and to protect you from the sharp glass edge. Hold the paper towel in place and vigorously shake the ornament ball. This will cause the paint to mix. Move your wrist in a swirling motion to create a marbleized look.

Remove paper towel and add more paint if necessary. Cover opening with the paper towel and continue swirling until the inside of the glass ornament is covered with paint.

Remove the paper towel and place the glass ornament into the disposable cup with the opening face down. Allow the excess paint to drip out of the ornament. Allow paint to dry overnight and replace the metal hanger on the glass ornament.

For an added touch, you can tie on a sheer ribbon bow or other decorations to the top of the ornament. Hang your ornament or place several in a bowl for a beautiful decoration.  

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