Melted Snowman


Open Glass Ornament - #30109005
Body 2- 3 flat clear marbles different sizes - #30125316, #30125321, #30081359
Hat- Button or sequin and black pony bead - #30095768
Eyes- 2 black seed beads - 30130408
Nose- orange felt #30061435 or foamie #30104741
Glitter it glue - #30121824
White glitter - #30078285
E6000 - #77525881
Baby’s breathe Snowflake - SPC #DOU/10



Bond flat clear marbles with E6000: Smallest marble on top and large on bottom. If the top marble slides off it looks more authentic. Let dry.
Use E6000 to glue the hat together with pony bead and button or sequence for base of hat.
Glue hat to top marble. Set aside to dry for about half an hour.
Glue snowman inside marble with E6000. Set to dry at least half an hour.
Once the E6000 has bonded to ornament pour in Glitter it glue just to coat bottom of ornament and a little on the side. (if E6000 has not dried completely the Glitter it glue will break the bond and the snowman will become detached). Pour glitter in ornament over the Glitter it Glue area. Let dry.
Cut a tiny triangle for carrot nose with the orange felt.
Attach seed bead eyes and carrot nose in bottom of ornament.
Attach arms (baby’s breathe) with E6000.
Attach snowflake to bottom of ornament with E6000.


2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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