Memorial Day Pin


1 qty. 3 ” x 4” Shrink Plastic-translucent 30003144

3 qty. 3mm round Crystal Stickers 30071479

Scribbles-Glittering Crystal 77528315

1” pinback



Fine tip black marker

Colored pencils

Heat gun tool 30014877


Sandpaper 30033492




Prepare shrink plastic by sanding one side of the sheet. This is the side you will be drawing/coloring on. Wipe off the excess dust with a paper towel. Place the design under the shrink plastic and trace with a black permanent fine tip marker.


Cut out the design from the shrink plastic very carefully. Cut into the curves and flip the plastic so that you do not have to bend any of it. Bending the plastic can create tears in the plastic. Leave a small border around the design when cutting it out so that the design will stand out when it shrinks down.


Color in the design according to the pattern using colored pencils.


Shrinking the plastic – follow the manufacturer’s directions for shrinking the plastic. You can either use a small oven or the heat gun. If using the heat gun, use a wooden chopstick or similar to help hold the plastic sown when it is shrinking.


Apply the crystal stickers onto the bear’s shirt. Apply a thin coat of Scribbles over the white stripes of the bear’s overalls.


Glue the pinback onto the back side of the bear with E6000.




2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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