Memory Holder


Woodies Hearts (4 large, 2 med) 77718213

Flower pot (cut in half as pictured) 77938506

1/8" dowel - 4 inches long

Butterfly - 30078022

12" wood clothespin 30081487

Spanish moss

Black sharpie

Red acrylic paint

Yellow acrylic paint

Dark green acrylic paint

Green acrylic paint





 Take off metal spring from clip. Paint clip red. Paint 4 large hearts yellow and 2 med hearts green. Paint the 4" dowel dark green. Let dry. Glue yellow petals, dowel, green leaves, flower pot and button to clothespin. (as shown in the picture) Add spanish moss to flower pot. Glue butterfly and draw dotted line from flower to butterfly



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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