Memory Clock


Multi-Photo Clock #30071542

Paper Trimmer (any size)

12 personal photographs larger than 2”

Option: You may use a scissors instead of a paper trimmer. 


Using the paper trimmer, cut each photograph to 1 15/16” square. You may use the provided sample as a guide if you prefer to trace and cut. 

With a blunt object remove the square sections by pushing outward through holes behind each photo area on back of clock. 

Remove the acrylic cover by lifting the edges slightly and “popping” the sample photo out. Insert your own personal photo.  Replace the acrylic cover over the photo, then replace the square sections onto the clock frame. 

Completed clock can be hung on the wall or stand with the swingout easel stand.

Clock requires 1 “AA” battery (not included). Insert battery and adjust time accordingly. 


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