Memory Tree


1 qty. 4” Clay Pot #73077

1 qty. 3/8” x 48” Wood Dowel #52155

1 qty. Ό” x 48” Wood Dowel #52153

13 qty. Mini Clothespins* #77676577

Sandpaper #30033492

1 qty. 4” x 8” x 2” Styrofoam block #77502930

Paper Shreds – green #30070139

Cardstock – your color choice

Pop Up Glue Dots #30001511

1 qty. 18” of Ό” satin ribbon for tying dowels, your color choice Assorted printed ribbons for tying/embellishment

Christmas stickers, etc. for embellishing tags

Acrylic Paint – your color choice for clay pot


*Note: You can use little ornament hooks or clips instead of the clothespins



Yardstick or ruler



Tag Punch* #30028768

Snowflake Punch* #30028737

X-acto knife #2 #77504050 & #15 Saw Blade #77503995

Low Temp Glue Gun & Glue sticks

1” foam brush #10109


Note: You can use another punch design instead of the snowflake and you can clip on small cards or photos instead of the tags



Use the foam brush to paint the outside of the clay pot. Paint just inside the rim of the pot, too. Let dry.


Using a mini saw or the X-acto knife with the saw blade, cut the 3/8” dowel to a 24”length for the main tree trunk. Cut the Ό” dowel into the following three pieces: 9”, 12” and 16” long. Use the sandpaper to smooth out the ends of the dowels.


Place the 24” dowel in front of you. Measure 4” down from the top. Place the 9” dowel across the dowel, like a “t”. Cut a 6” piece of Ό” satin ribbon and tie the dowels to together by wrapping around and across the two dowels. Knot securely and trim. Make sure the 9” dowel sits straight across the main dowel.


From that dowel point, measure 5” down along the main dowel. Place the 12” dowel across. Take another 6” piece of the Ό” ribbon and tie the dowels together like the first one. Knot securely.


From this point, measure 6” down along the main dowel. Place the 16” dowel across and tie the dowels together using the last of the Ό” ribbon. Knot securely. Now there should be three “branches” going across the main dowel, forming the tree. Cover the Ό” ribbon by tying on short pieces of printed ribbon for embellishment as shown in the sample.


Cut the Styrofoam block to fit inside the clay pot. Use a little glue to secure. Stick the bottom of the main dowel into the center of the Styrofoam. Making sure the tree stands straight. Use a little glue to secure to the Styrofoam. Cover the top of the Styrofoam with the paper shreds.


Use the snowflake punch to punch out 13 snowflakes in one color of cardstock (red) and 13 in another color (white). Pair one of each snowflake color. Layer and adhere with pop dots. Attach the snowflakes to the mini clothespins.


Glue the decorated clothespins onto the tree as follows: One clothespin at the top of the dowel with the clip area facing upwards. Glue all of the other clothespins with the clip facing downwards. On the 9” dowel, glue one clothespin on either side, about 2” in from the end. On the 12” dowel, glue two clothespins on either side of the dowel, spacing apart evenly. On the 16” dowel, glue three clothespins on either side, spacing apart evenly.


Clip your photos or small cards onto the tree. Or use the Tag punch and stickers to make decorative tag ornaments.



© 2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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