Menu Board


1 qty. 12” x 12” Frame #30097996
1 qty. 12”x 12” Tin Sheet #30100974
1 qty. 12”x 12” Printed Paper for background
Alphabet Stickers or rubber stamps
” Button Magnets #30043930
Assorted Stickers – food related
Dry Erase or Bistro Markers
Ruler and pencil
Sharp Scissors
E-6000 #1096239




Create the menu board by using the alphabet stickers on the printed paper. Use the ruler to keep the letters straight. Spell out “Menu” on the center top and then each of the days of the week along the side, as shown in the pictured sample. You can also add other stickers or stamped images around the edges.
Remove the backing of the frame. Place the completed menu board printed paper in the frame. Next, place the time sheet in the frame. Lastly, put the frame back in place.
Create some magnets with the food theme stickers. Use the dry erase pens to write in a menu and use the magnets to hold coupons or take put menus.




2011 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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