Mini Book Pendant



2 – 2” x2” cardboard/mat board

3 – 3” x 3” cardstock for pages

2 – 3” x 3” Washi paper or fabric

40” of 1/8” satin ribbon

12” of metallic thread (DMC floss)

3 – small beads

5” of Clear Jelly Cord (#5)

3 Oriental coins/ Charms or buttons

Tacky Glue

Optional: Bone folder


To make the book covers:
Place the 3” x 3” pieces of washi paper in front of you with the printed side down. Center the 2” x 2” cardboards onto the washi papers. Carefully fold over the edges of the washi paper and glue to the cardboard. Set aside.

To make the book pages:
Follow the diagram instructions to fold the three pieces of 3” x 3” cardstock. For each cardstock, fold in half across both ways (fig. 1). Crease and unfold. Then fold each cardstock diagonally across only once (fig. 2). Make sure that the diagonal folds opposite/backwards of the cross half folds. TIP: Use the bone folder for nicer creases.

Take each folded cardstock and lay them in front of you on point so that you are looking at them as diamond shapes. For each one, take the right and left corners and pull them in and down towards the bottom corner (fig. 3). This will fold the cardstock into a smaller 1” x 1” square (fig. 4).

Stack your three folded cardstocks one on top of each other. When you stack the squares, you will need to alternate the openings. Your top square will have its opening side facing you. The next will face its opening away from you, and so on.

Glue the three cardstocks together. Do this by overlapping the bottom of the top square to the top of the next square then gluing and so forth (fig. 5). Allow each to dry a bit before gluing the next one to avoid them all sticking together.

Assembling the book pendant:
Take the covers and place in front of you with the printed side down. Place them on point so that you are looking at them as diamond shapes. Take one end of the 40” of 1/8” ribbon and lay it vertically across, coming out at the top. Glue in place. Take the other end of the ribbon and glue the same way to the other cover. This is the necklace part of the pendant. Thread the beads onto the metallic thread and knot in intervals. Glue one end of the thread to the bottom of one cover so that it will dangle when the pendant is worn. Take the pages and compress into a folded position. Center and glue the wrong side of the front cover to the top of the stacked pages. Center and glue the bottom of the stacked pages to the wrong side of the bottom cover. Let glue dry.

Closure and Finishing Touches:
Compress folded pages to close mini book. Decide which side you want as the front cover. Use the leftover metallic thread and glue to front cover. Glue some oriental coins/charms or buttons to the front cover for embellishment. Take the stretchy jelly cord and slipknot an oriental coin /charm or button to the mid-point of the jelly cord. Knot the loose ends of the jelly cord together securely. To keep the book closed as you wear it as a pendant, slip the jelly cord around the book to keep the covers closed.

You can decorate the inside pages with rubberstamping, stickers or tiny photos and messages.  

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