Mini Marble Magnet


Clear Jumbo Flat Marble #7776 6055
Royal Coat Decoupage glue/sealer #7764 8964
1 Foam Brush #7752 7499
Printed Papers or Old Magazines
3/4 Button Magnet #7762 2688
E-6000 glue #7753 6409




Choose a picture from old magazines or printed papers. You can also stamp a design if you want, but test to see if the ink will run when it gets wet.

Place your picture of choice right side up under the flat marble to see if you like the way it fits. Notice that the glass marble slightly magnifies the design.

Remove marble and spread a little of the decoupage glue onto the flat bottom of the marble. Place the marble back onto the picture. Press the marble so that there are no air bubbles.

Trim off the excess paper around the marble. Let dry. The glue will dry clear. Glue the button magnet behind the marble with the E-600 glue. Let glue set.

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