Mini Memory Album


3 – 5  Cardstock, 8” x 8”
2 pieces of thick cardboard/mat board, 4.5” x 4.5”
1 yd. ribbon for tie closure
2 pieces of fabric/printed paper for cover, 6” x 6”
Tacky glue
Embellishments for cover like buttons, charms, ribbon, etc.
Printed paper, stickers, rubberstamps,
Markers etc., for scrapbook pages


All Diagrams are here.

Covers – Take one piece of the 6” x 6” printed paper or fabric and place on table with the wrong side up. Center one of the 4.5” x 4.5” cardboards on top (Fig. 1). First, fold each corner of fabric and glue all of the corners down (Fig. 2). Next fold and glue the sides in place (Fig. 3). Repeat with the other 6” x 6” fabric/paper and 4.5” x 4.5” cardboard. Set aside to dry.

Pages – Take your 3 – 5 pieces of 8” x 8” cardstock. Fold in half across both ways (Fig. 4). Then fold each sheet diagonally across only once (Fig. 5). Make sure that the diagonal folds opposite/backwards of the cross half folds.

Take each cardstock piece and lay it in front of you so that you are looking at it as a diamond shape. Then take the right and left corners and pull them in and down towards the bottom corner (Fig. 6). This will fold the paper into a smaller 4” x 4” square (Fig. 7).

Stack your 3 – 5 folded cardstock squares one on top of the other. If you are using different colors of cardstock, arrange the colors in your desired order. When you stack your squares, you will need to alternate the openings. Your top square will have its opening side facing you. The next will face its opening away from you, and so on.

Glue the 3 – 5 squares together. Do this by gluing the bottom of the top square to the top of the next square and so forth. Allow each to dry a bit before gluing the next one to avoid them all sticking together incorrectly.

Assembly - Glue the covered 4.5” x 4.5” cardboards pieces to the top and bottom of your accordion-style cardstock pieces. Center the cardstock in the middle of your cardboard.

Ribbon Closure Options:

Option 1 -You can glue your strips of ribbon closure in place before gluing the covers on. Cut ribbon in half and place each ribbon strip with the loose end coming out from a corner. Match the cover with the folded cardstock to find the opening of the scrapbook and correct placement of the ribbon. Then glue the folded cardstocks in place.

Option 2 – After gluing the book together, tie the book shut with the yard of ribbon tied into a bow on top of the book. Then use a small amount of glue and glue the ribbon in place on the bottom of the book. This will enable the ribbon to stay attached to the book even when it is untied.

Finishing – Use buttons, ribbon flowers, charms, etc. to decorate the cover of your mini scrapbook. Decorate the inside pages of the scrapbook with printed papers, stickers, rubberstamps etc. But don’t forget to leave room for your photos!

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