Mini Pocket File


1 qty. 6 5/8 x 11 Solid Cardstock for cover

1 qty. 6 x 10 Printed-paper for cover

1 qty. 5 x 6 Cardstock for accordion

5 qty. 6 x 7 Printed Cardstock for pockets (assorted designs)

5 qty.  2 x 3 Solid Cardstocks for the tabs (assorted colors)

Double Stick Tape #30013283

Fine Black Marker/Pen

24 of Decorative ribbon for tie closure 

NOTE: American Crafts printed cardstock and ribbon was used for the sample shown. 


Paper trimmer #30017631
McGill File Tab Punch #30067865
Medium Corner Rounder #30068369
Paper Creaser #30003774


Take the 5 x 6 piece of cardstock and fold and crease it every lengthwise accordion style. Set aside. 

Take a 6 x 7 printed cardstock. Fold in half and crease well. On one half (3 x 7 ) trim off on either side to the fold (Fig. 1) On the other half, use the corner rounder at the top of both sides. Fold the sides in . Tape side flaps down to form a pocket (Fig. 2) Repeat this step to make the other four pockets. 


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