Mini Scrapbook


1 qty. 4” x 12” Double-sided printed or solid Cardstock
3 qty. 3” x 12” Cardstock (print or solid) – coordinating 18” of ribbon for tie closure
Meriken ” Double-stick tape #30013284
Optional: embellishments

Martha Stewart Crafts Score Board #30103578
Corner Rounder #30068368
Sharp Scissors





Outer cover:
Take the 4” x 12” cardstock and place lengthwise across the MSC Score Board. Score at the following measurements: 3 ”, 3 ”, 6 ”, 7” 10 ” and 10 ”. Crease at each scored line. Starting from the bottom 3 ” x 4” section, fold up and roll the sections to form the scrapbook cover.

Inner pages:
Take each of the 3” x 12” cardstocks and place onto the MSC Score Board and score at the following measurements: 4” and 8”. Crease at each scored line. Take the corner rounder and round out each of the corners. For two of the pieces, fold the outer flaps in left over right. Place the folded pieces onto the first and third sections of the 4” x 12” piece. Unroll the scrapbook cover. Place one each onto the bottom and third sections of the scrapbook cover. Align and center then tape in place. Fold the third piece, with the right flap over the left. Place this piece in the center section, align and tape in place. Add photos, journaling, embellishments, etc. to the flaps (pages).

Corner round the 1 ” x 4” section of the scrapbook cover that folds over. Run a length of tape vertically down the center of the back. Place the ribbon along the tape and bring the ends to front and tie to keep the mini scrapbook closed.


2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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