Mini Stocking Treat Bag




4” x 7” Red Felt #7767 6619

1 ” x 8 ” Red Felt #7767 6619

1 ” x 8 ’ White Felt #7767 6635

2” x 2” Pirate Green Felt #7767 7005

Low Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks


Holly Berry Pattern

Holly Leaf Pattern

Stocking Pattern




Trace and cut our pieces from felt according to the patterns.

Starting from the top corner, align the side edge of one stocking shape with the edge of the 1 ” x 8 ” strip if red felt.

Carefully glue the edges together. Continue to glue the edges together; going completely around the stocking but leaving the top of the stocking open. Trim off any excess felt from the strip.

Take the other stocking piece and align the edges on the other side of the felt strip. Glue the strip to the stocking completely around the edges. The strip creates a gusset and makes the stocking into a little bag.

Take the white felt strip and place it above the opening of the stocking. Glue the white felt strip about ” down along the inside edge of the stocking. Overlap the ends a little and trim off excess felt.

Fold the white felt down over the edge of the stocking to form the cuff.

Place the green holly leaves and red berries decorations onto the cuff and glue in place. Fill stocking with treats.

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