Mochi Can



Tin Clear Pail #3005 7743

White Hearty Clay #3000 6454

Orange Hearty Clay #3003 0918

Brown Hearty Clay #3001 6915

Light Green Hearty Clay #3003 0919

2 x 2 Cardboard or Paper Mache box lid #3005 8148

4 1 Wood Medium candle cups #7761 2481

Black Acrylic Paint #7762 4890

Leather Fern stem #7789 6225

Bamboo Stem or similar #7738 4768

Tacky Glue #7760 9875

Low Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks

Optional: 2 - 3 x 3 Gold Foil Origami Paper #7730 1408



1 Foam Brush #10109

Wire cutters #7781 9151

Hearty Clay Color Scale tool #7785 6054

Hearty Clay 3-pc. Tool set #7736 1006




Paint the cardboard or paper mache box lid and the four wood candle cups with the black acrylic paint. Let dry.


To make the mochi piece:

Using the Hearty Clay Color Scale tool, measure out five I balls of white Hearty Clay. Roll the balls together to form one large ball. Shape into the bottom mochi piece by slightly flattening the bottom of the ball. Next, measure out three I balls of white Hearty Clay and roll into one large ball. Slightly flatten the bottom and place onto the first mochi ball. Add a little Tacky glue to hold in place if necessary.


For the tangerine, measure out a G ball of orange Hearty Clay. Roll into a slightly flatten ball to resemble a tangerine. Place the tangerine on top of the stacked mochi balls. Take a tiny pinch of brown Hearty Clay and roll into a thin log for the stem. Make a small hole on top of the tangerine and place the stem inside. Trim off excess stem. Take a tiny pinch of light green Hearty Clay and roll into a teardrop. Flatten in to leaf shape and place next t the stem on the top. Use a little Tacky glue if necessary to hold in place.


Take the painted cardboard and glue the candle cups on the bottom four corners for table legs. Trim off the smaller leaves from the fern stem. Arrange five leaves on top of the table and glue in place. Place the mochi stack on top of the fern and glue in place. Place inside of the clear pail and glue to the bottom of the pail. Trim some of the bamboo stem and place inside the pail behind the mochi stack. On the lid of the can, glue a few fern leaves.


Optional: Fold two origami cranes and glue one on top of the lid and one next to the mochi stack.


2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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