Mom's Jewelry Box



Unfinished Wood Jewelry Box #SCH/225 (#30065175)

Acrylic paint – your color choice

Acrylic varnish

Tropical etch glass etching stencils

Etchall glass etching Crème #30005489



Mini Screwdriver set #30056211

1” Foam Brush #10109

Painter’s tape #1010399

Tropical Etch Picks #30058441

Squeegee #30005494

Optional: sandpaper #30033492




NOTE: The sample shown used Raw Sienna acrylic paint (#77626663) as a base coat. A mixture of Burnt Sienna (#77624981) and Faux Finish Glaze (#77855775) was applied with Plaid’s Wood Grainer tool (1008192). The 6” bamboo (#30027311) and 2” cranes (#30062865) Tropical Etch stencils were used on the glass doors.




For this project it is best to remove the doors and the hardware. Use the mini screwdriver set to remove the hinges and latches from the doors. Don’t forget to remove the hooks inside of the jewelry box. Set aside.


Follow the manufacturers’ directions for the Tropical etch stencils and Etchall glass etching crème. Take the glass etching stencils of your choice and apply to the inside of the glass doors. Use the painter’s tape to mask the surrounding areas. You can cut apart the stencils and arrange them as you wish.


While you are waiting for your glass to etch, you can begin painting the jewelry box. If you need to, you can lightly sand any rough areas first. If you do this, wipe off the excess dust before painting.


Paint the entire jewelry box; make sure you paint the inside as well. Remove the bottom drawer and paint separately. Let everything dry. Apply another coat if necessary. Apply a coat of clear acrylic varnish. Let dry.


After the glass on the doors have been etched, paint the doors, inside and out. Let dry. Apply a coat of clear varnish. Let dry.


Screw the hooks back into place inside of the jewelry box. Put the door latch back on the front of the doors. Re-attach the doors to the jewelry box. Place the bottom drawer back

Now, your jewelry box is ready to hold all your favorite jewelry pieces.


© 2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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