Mother's Day Card



5” x 11” White Cardstock

3” x 5” Red Cardstock

3” x 5” Black Cardstock

4 3/8” x 1” Black Cardstock

Printed Motherhood definition

Double Stick tape (# 3001 3284 or 3001 3283)

Glue stick

Bone folder

Paper trimmer

Sharp scissors


Using the bone folder, fold the 5” x 11” white cardstock in half lengthwise. You should form a square card. The card design will have the fold edge on the top.

Trace and cut out the “m” piece from red cardstock following the pattern. Use a glue stick or double stick tape to glue “m” onto the black 3” x 5” cardstock.

Cut out “m” by trimming around design, leaving a small black cardstock trim. Center and adhere “m” to the white cardstock card, approximately 2” from the bottom edge.

Cut out Motherhood definition. Center and glue the matted definition onto the 4 3/8” x 1” black cardstock. Center and glue matted definition under the “m” on the front of the card.

Write your own “Happy Mother’s day” message inside of the card.

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