Mother's Day Card 2009


1 qty. 6” x 6” Double sided Cardstock* for card

1 qty. 4 ” x 4 ” Cardstock for insert

5/16” Meriken Double stick tape #30013283

Pen/Makers for writing sentiment


Optional: Embellishments


NOTE: You can use a cardstock that is printed on one side or a solid and decorate the blank sides with rubber stamping.



Pen/Pencil for tracing

Sharp Scissors

Paper Creaser #30003774


Diagram 1

Diagram 2



Trace and cut out pieces from cardstock. Following the pattern, fold over the two panels at the dotted lines and crease well. They will overlap and this forms the heart shape. Put a little double stick tape under the top flap to hold in place.


Write your sentiment on the small heart insert. Place in the “pocket” of the card. Add any embellishments you want.



2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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