Mother's Day Doorknob Frame



Acrylic Doorknob Frame (#3001 6036)

3” x 10” Pattered Paper

Note: The patterned paper used in the sample is Paper Adventures Cut-It-Up Scribbled Primary (#3002 4821)

3” x 10” Yellow or red cardstock

2” x 1” Yellow Cardstock- for words

3” x 4” Yellow Cardstock – for picture

3” x 1” Red Cardstock- for words

2” x 3” Red Cardstock – for picture

8 Ct. Crayons (# 90603)

Double stick tape (#3001 3284 or #3001 3283)

X-acto knife & cutting mat

Sharp Scissors

Paper Trimmer


Optional:  Sandylion’s Happy Endings sticker (#3002 3283) or similar


Place the 3” x 10” patterned paper inside the acrylic doorknob frame with the wrong-side up. Trace the doorknob hole with a pencil. Remove paper and cut out the hole. Place the paper back into the frame, this time right side up. Place onto a cutting mat and use the X-acto knife to trim excess paper around the edge of the hole. Repeat these steps with the 3” x 10” cardstock. Place the paper onto the cardstock, matching the edges and adhere together with double stick tape. Set aside.

Use one of the crayons and write a message like “I love Mommy” on the 2” x 1” yellow cardstock. Center the yellow cardstock on top of the 3” x 1” red cardstock. Adhere together. Set aside.

Center the 2” x 3” red cardstock on top of the 3” x 4” yellow cardstock. Adhere together. Trim you picture to fit and center on top of the layered cardstocks. Adhere to layered cardstocks.

Center matted picture o the lower half of the patterned paper piece. Place the matted crayon message above the picture and below the hole. Adhere both pieces to the patterned paper base. Place finished piece inside the doorknob frame.

Optional: Place a Happy Endings wood sticker of a child in one corner of the frame. Move hands around and place a crayon in the hands. Glue in place. You can also use other types of stickers or buttons to decorate the frame.

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