Mother's Day Gift Box
This project courtesy of Fiskars®. 



Fiskars® ShapeBoss™ Embossing System Starter Set

Fiskars® No. 5 Softgrip® Micro-Tip® Home & Office Scissors

Fiskars® Embossing Stencil Set - Alpha Block Letters

Fiskars® Embossing Stencil Set - Sports

Fiskars® ShapeBoss™ Stencil Set - Floral Garden designed by Jone Hallmark

7" x 7" x 3" Paper maché box

Lilac paint



Lemon yellow, white, plum and shades of light purple

Plum handmade paper

Plum decorator chalk

Leaf-shaped beads

Gold beading wire

Wire Cutter


Paint entire box, applying two coats and allowing first coat to dry before applying second coat.

Using ShapeBoss with Baby Stencil, emboss four crayon shapes onto white paper. Trim around embossed shapes. Cut two strips of white paper to measure ¼" x 6¼". Assemble fence by first adhering two strips using foam tape to box lid. Adhere all four fence posts using foam tape, evenly spaced, across two strips.

Using ShapeBoss with Floral Stencil, emboss various colors and shapes of flowers from yellow, plum and purple cardstock. Trim around each flower. Adhere flowers randomly to right edge of box lid, and over fence.

Cut a piece of gold wire to measure approximately 25". Begin looping and winding wire under flowers and the fence. Randomly string leaf beads onto wire. Trim end of wire and loop to secure.

Using ShapeBoss with Alpha Stencil, emboss 2 letter "M" and one letter "O" onto yellow cardstock. Tear squares around letters. Adhere torn squares to plum handmade paper. Tear around edges creating a ¼" fringe. Apply chalk to raised letters. Adhere letters to upper right section of box lid using foam tape.

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