Mother's Day Pin

Keiki Project



1 x 4 Shocking Pink Felt #30064349

1 x 4 Fuchsia Felt #30061428

1 x 4 Lavender Felt #77676791

2 x 4 Egyptian Lime Felt #77564153

2 x 5 Neon Lime Felt #30064353

3 3 pieces of Chenille stem

3 7mm Crystal Rhinestones #30000566

1 Pin back gold #77403337 or silver #77126987

Leaf Pattern





Low temp Glue Gun #77536417 and glue sticks #77533638

Wire cutters


NOTE: You can change the colors of the felt and rhinestones




Fold the 1 x 4 Lavender felt in half, lengthwise. Take a sharp scissors and make tiny 1/8 snips along the open end through both thicknesses.  Open the felt up and gather along the center. Take a piece of the chenille stem and wrap around the middle. Twist the ends together to secure.  Fluff up the gathered snipped ends of the felt to form the flower. If you like, you can trim the center area a little shorter. Take a 7mm rhinestone and glue to the center. This is one flower. Repeat with the Fuchsia and Shocking Pink felt.


Trace and cut out leaf pieces from felt according to the pattern.  Place the three leaves on top of the Neon Green felt, leaving space around each leaf. Glue to the felt. Cut each leaf out leaving a Neon Green border of about 1/8 all around. Use the leftover Neon felt to make thin strips to glue down the center top of the leaves.


Arrange the three leaves as shown in the sample and glue together at rounded ends. Place the three flowers on top of the leaves and glue in place. Glue pin back to the back of the leaves.



2007 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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