Net Scrubbies

by Lori Ishikawa


1 yard of Nylon Netting (makes two scrubbies)



Crochet Hook - size H or J


Spring Clothespins

Yardstick or ruler


NOTE: Basic crochet knowledge is needed

for this project




Preparing the netting:

Keep the netting folded in the layers like it came off the bolt*. From one end, measure 5 in and fold over. Continue to roll over in 5 sections until you have the whole length of netting in a roll. Align and keep the folded edge of the netting even. Place a few clothespins on the folded and selvage ends of the netting.

Trim off the folded edge, cutting as close to the edge as possible. Measure and cut the rolled netting into 2 strips. Unfold the netting strips and join them into one long length by tying the ends together.

*Cutting the net on the fold of bolt prevents it from tearing.


Row 1: Loosely Chain 4. Join in first Chain to make a ring.

            Chain 3 and Double Crochet in the ring 13 more stitches (total 14 stitches). Slip stitch to join.

Row 2: Chain 3 and make 1 Double Crochet in the same stitch. Double Crochet 2 in each of the remaining stitches (total 28 stitches). Slip stitch to join.

Row 3: Chain 3, Double Crochet 1 in the next stitch and the remaining stitches (total 28 stitches). Slip stitch to join.

Row 4: Chain 3, skip 1 stitch and Double Crochet 1 in every other stitch (total 14 stitches). Slip stitch to join.

NOTE: Will start to curl. Reverse so outside shows the nice stitching.

Row 5: Chain 3 and repeat Row 4. Join and tie into scrubbie to hide ends.




2006 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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