Notebook Cover


1 qty. 5” x 8” Notepad

1 qty. 5 ” x 7 1/4“Mat board or chipboard for cover

1 qty. 5 ” x 7/8“Mat board or chipboard for cover spine

1 qty. 6 1/2” x 9 1/2” Printed Paper for outside cover

1 qty. 5” x 8” Printed paper for inside cover

1 qty. Metal Prong Fastener

1 qty. 7” of decorative ribbon for cover Double Stick Tape #30013283


Optional Supplies:

Assorted printed ribbons for embellishing the fastener

Stickers, Tags etc. for embellishing the cover of the notebook


NOTE: You can also use the Notepad Cover Kit #30083041 for the mat board pieces and fastener.



Paper Trimmer #30017631

Fiskars Craft Drill #30065910




Sharpie Black Marker for writing “notes” #91029

Old Phone Book or similar for drilling on




Take the 6 1/2” x 9 1/2” Printed paper and place it with the wrong side facing up. Center the mat board cover and spine pieces onto the paper, leaving a small gap between the two. Fold over the edges of the paper and adhere with double stick tape. Center the 5” x 8” printed paper on top. Adhere for the inside cover. Fold the cover back at the gap between the cover and spine to make sure that it will fold. On the front cover, lay the decorative ribbon along the gap between the spine and cover. Adhere for added strength to the gap.

Remove the closure bar from the fastener. Place the bar along the top spine of the notepad cover. Use the pencil to mark the holes where the prongs would go through. Remove the bar and set aside.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions to set the largest drill bit into the Fiskars Craft drill. Use the drill to make two holes where you marked. Make sure the holes go all the way through the cover. Note: Remember to place the notepad cover on something that you can drill into like an old phone book.

Now place the cover over the notepad and center, flip over. Use the pencil to mark the holes onto the spine of the notepad. Remove the cover and use the drill to make the holes at the marked spots on the notepad spine. Make sure the holes go all the way through to the back of the spine.

You may need to “clean up” the holes and make them larger. To do this, place the tips of the scissors into the holes and twist, if the holes need to be a little larger.

From the back of the notepad, slip the prongs of the fastener into the holes. Next, place the cover onto the pad, slipping the prongs through the holes. Place the closure bar on and fold the prongs down to fasten.

Embellish your cover as desired. When the notepad is used, replace with a fresh notepad. Remove the cover and drill holes into the new pad and replace the cover.  


2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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