Note Holder Pal


3" x 3" Felt - your color choice for bear
DMC Floss - coordinate with felt
2.5" x 2.5" White Felt #7767 6635
1" x 1" Yellow Felt #7767 6676
Large eye sewing needle
2 - 10mm Moving eyes #7766 0845
5mm Black pom pom #3000 7016
Mini Wood Clothespin #7767 6577
3/4" Button Magnet #7762 2837



Trace and cut out pieces fro felt according to the patterns.

Place the two bear head pieces together. Cut about an 18" length of embroidery floss. Separate the floss and just use 3 of the 6 strands to sew. Thread floss on needle and stitch the two bear pieces together. You can either use a blanket stitch or some other casting stitch to do this.

Glue the eyes and pom pom nose to the bear's face.

Take the yellow flower center and cut snips around the edge, creating a fringe effect. Glue flower center to the middle of the white petals, slightly pinching it together to make the fringe stand up. Glue flower to the lower edge of the bear's head.

Glue the mini wooden clothespin to the back of the bear. Glue the magnet button to the clothespin. Attach to a metal surface like the refrigerator and use for holding notes.

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