One Stroke Bunny Basket



Folk Art Paint
      Wicker white
      Berry wine
      Thicket (for the grass)
      Dark color for the eyes (your choice)
Scruffy brush  77577015
#12 brush   77576991    
Script linear or set 77503227
Surface (we painted on the white basket)


For the body of the bunny you will use the medium scruffy.  Double load the scruffy brush with white and a color.  Pounce the brush until you get the desired  color. Pounce the scruffy onto your surface in a circle. Leave the white color in the center at all times.  This will create a sphere for the body.

To create the head, pounce a smaller circle on top of the body keeping the white in the center.

Using the #12 flat brush, double load white and berry wine. Paint the ears using one stroke per ear.

For the face, take the back end script liner, dip into Berry wine paint. Make 3 circles for the nose in the middle of the head, and two eyes. Using the brush side of the script linear paint the whiskers and the mouth.

Using the script liner make grass to accessories

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