One Stroke Hawaiian Tote



Lauhala Bag

Burnt umber-462 Folk art paint #30000147

Thicket-942 Folk art paint #30000155

Sunflower-432 Folk art paint #30000129

3/4” flat brush

Gold iridescent scribbles paint #77528273

Green scribbles paint


Tree trunk: double load 3/4” flat brush with burnt umber on one side of the brush and sunflower on the other. Brush a stroke keeping yellow on one side, burnt umber on the other. Brush stroke should be about 6” long.

Greenery: Double load your brush using thicket on one side and sunflower on the other. Using your chiseled edge create the palms.

Texturizing: Using gold scribbles paint accent the trunk.

Using green scribbles, paint accent palms. Apply circles to middle of palms to create coconuts.

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