Open Windows Scrapbook Page


Open Windows Squares – Green set #1     #3001 6509
Grand Adhesions Stickers – Dorset Floral    #3001 5551
Mrs. Grossman’s Stickers – EXPW Alpha –Silver 7742 7864
Punch Ume – CP-11G #3001 2062
1/8” Hole Punch   #7717 8541
Accents Trims – Green Assortment            #3001 6042
Vellum – Light #7718 8854
12” x 12” Cream Cardstock #3001 0717
Hunter Green Cardstock scrap for punches #7730 2158
Double Stick Tape – 5mm #3001 3283
Glue Dots Pop Ups #3000 1511
Black Gel pen

Note: Scrapbook page window has a 4.5” x 4.5” opening for the photo


From your Open windows package, choose the Accent mat and Open window page with the large square cutout and 3 small cutouts. Our sample uses the light green page and dark green Accent mat combination.

Position the Accent mat behind the page, aligning the color trim in the windows. Use the double stick tape to hold in place from behind.

Write your message on a 2” x 2” piece of vellum. Position message in the center small window square. Tape in place from behind.

Place the 12” x 12” ivory cardstock behind the window page. Place the larger butterfly and dragonfly Grand Adhesion stickers in the small window square on either side. Adhere stickers to the cardstock.

Place your photo in the large square window.

Using the Ume punch, punch out enough flowers to spell out name or word from dark green cardstock. Using the 1/8” hole punch, make a hole in each flower. Place an alphabet sticker on each of the punched out flowers.

Choose some of the fibers and string the flower name “tags” on. Position the flower “tags” along the top of the page, leaving a tail of fiber hanging on each end. Use the Pop Up Glue dots to adhere the flower “tags” down to the page. Let the fibers flow through loosely. Cut out a small heart from the dark green cardstock and mat on a cream cardstock. Place the smaller butterfly onto the heart. Place heart along the side of the page over the fibers. Adhere heart to page with a Pop Up Glue dot.

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