Ornament Album


2 4.75 Circles of Cardstock
2 x 1.5 Yellow Cardstock
3 4.25 Circles of Cardstock for pages
Scrap of cardstock assorted colors
Ornament hook
1/8 Hole Punch
Tacky Glue

Optional: Paper edgers, markers, glitter, Paper punches, stickers, rubberstamps, printed papers, etc.



Trace and cut out the ornament topper piece from yellow cardstock. Align on the top edge of one of the 4.75 circles and glue behind. This will be the front cover of your ornament album.

Use your imagination and decorate your ornament. You can cut out shapes from the scraps of cardstock as in the sample pictured. Option: You can decorate your ornament using stickers, rubberstamps, markers, glitter etc. After you have finished decorating, set aside.

Folding the album pages using the 4.25 cardstock circles: (You can trim the edges of the pages with decorative scissors).

After folding all 3 pages, keep folded in the triangular shape and glue the three pages together, back to back. The full circle of each page should be able to open independently. Align the curved edges and glue the pages away from the edge of the ornament back cover. Place the decorated ornament album cover on top and align the 2 cover edges so that the pages are at the bottom. Glue the front cover to the other side of the glued stacked pages. Carefully fold the back cover in half and crease well so that you will be able to open and view your pages. Glue the top halves of the front and back covers together. Punch a hole in the center top of the ornament topper and slip the ornament hook in. Hang your album or set on a table.

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