Ornament Ball Wreath



1-24” Canadian Pine Wreath #264440

Holiday Ribbon

Large Glass Ball Ornaments, 4 boxes of 4

Medium Glass Ball Ornaments, 1 box of 6

Small Glass Ball Ornaments, 1 box of 10

Butterfly Ornament

Dragonfly Ornament

3-Gold Poinsettia Stems

Cedar Spray

2-Holly Sprays

5-Gold Berry Picks

Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


Wire Cutters



1. Fluff and shape wreath. Loosely wrap with ribbon. Wire or glue to secure in place.

2. Cut poinsettias from stems and glue around wreath. Glue balls around wreath in groups of three as shown.

3. Glue butterfly and dragonfly ornaments into wreath. Cut cedar and holly sprays into single stems and glue into wreath.    

4. Glue gold berry picks into wreath.

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