Owl Basket


Pumpkin Wood basket 30109881
Tan foamie 30006585
Yellow foamie 30104748
Orange foamie 77613521
Black foamie 77613620
Dark brown acrylic paint
Two 24mm moving eyes
Foam Brush



Paint the Pumpkin Wood basket using the dark brown acrylic paint. Let dry. Trace one side of the pumpkin basket using the tan foamie. Cut out and glue to the wood basket. Cut two circles using the yellow foamie ” wider than the 24mm moving eyes. Cut two circles using the black foamie ” wider than the yellow foamie circle. Draw the owl’s hair on the tan foamie. Cut out two pieces. Using the same pattern, cut out two pieces with the orange foamie about 1/8” wider than the tan hair. With the yellow foamie cut out a square for the nose. Using the orange foamie cut out the feet (see picture). Glue components as shown on the picture. Using stickles, outline the owl’s body.



2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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