Owl Hair Clip


Assorted Felt
Sharp scissors
White/ off white card stock
Brown Le Pen
Gold stamp pad
Printed or green card stock (for leaves)
Medium heart punch (for leaves)
Hot Glue
Alligator clips




Shapes to cut out of felt for owl:
Owl body X 2
Medium hearts X2 (wings)
Small Hearts (decorate body)
Figure 8 without holes (eyes)
Smaller circles X2 (inner eye)


-Assemble owl using glue gun on one of the owl bodies

-Cut a vertical slit in the other owl body to slip the back of the alligator clip in.

-Glue owl bodies together..face of the owl side and bottom of the clip side facing out.

-Cut a strip of card stock. Using brown pen draw wood grain and words…don’t be too fancy about it, just go for it.

-Distress “branch” and words with gold stamp pad.

-Punch card stock out with medium heart punch. Cut hears in half and glue to back of your “branch”

-Clip owl to branch…TADAAAH!



2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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