Palm Tree Candy Wand


Guage wire
Light green duct tape
Darker green duct tape
Brown duct tape
Magic wand
Wire cutter
Precision scissors (non stick are best)



Cut 5 pieces of wire 6” each
Cut one piece of light green duct tape 10”. Lay wire on the sicky side of duct tape exposing one inch of wire. Fold the remaining duct tape over itself to cover all of the sticky side. (see diagram A) Repeat 4 more times using dark and light green duct tape
Cut a leaf shape with the point at the end of the covered wire. See diagram B
Cut V grooves in the leaf shape. See diagram C Cut a piece of Brown duct tape2.5”
Gather all 5 leaves and place the stem of each on the brown duct tape evenly. Aproximately ” apart.
Wrap the brown duct tape with leaves on top of the tube under the lid.
Fold leaves out .



2012 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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