Paper Angel

Keiki Project



Fiskars Circle Border Punch – choice of design

6" x 6" Cardstock – light colored

3/4' Wood Furniture Button #7793 7649

Black Acrylic Paint #7762 4890

Lisa Pink Acrylic Paint #7762 6507

3" of Tinsel Stem silver #3005 5164 or gold #3005 5165

8" of 7/8" Sheer ribbon for wings

8" of 1/8" ribbon for neck bow

Medium Ribbon Rose – color match


Fine Paintbrush

Low temp glue gun & glue sticks


Place the furniture button in front of you with the grain going in a vertical direction. Use the end

of the paintbrush to make dip dot eyes on the wood furniture button with the black acrylic paint.

Use the end of the paintbrush to make dip & pull harts for the cheeks with the pink acrylic paint. Let dry.


Use the template that comes with the circle border punch and trace a 6" circle onto the cardstock.

Cut circle out. Following the manufacturer’s directions, punch the edge of the 6" circle of cardstock with the circle border punch.


Cut circle in half, you only need one side for each angel. Carefully roll the half circle into a cone,

overlapping the ends about 1". Try to match up the design punched on the edge. Glue the overlapped ends to make the cone. This is the angel’s body.


Glue the flat back end of the head onto the tip of the cone. Make a bow about 3" wide with the

sheer ribbon, trim ends. Glue to the back of the cone, slightly below the head for the wings. Make a loopy bow with the 1/8" ribbon and glue below the head at the neck. Cut off most of the stem on the ribbon rose and glue to the middle of the neck bow.


Take the tinsel stem and shape into a circle, twisting the ends together. Place on to of the head

for the halo and spot glue in place.


2005 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.

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