Paper Flower


11 qty. 2 1/2” x 2 1/2” Double-sided printed papers
1 qty. 18” floral wire – 20 gauge #77479311
Green Floral Tape #77479394
EK Tools Scallop Circle Punch – 1 1/2” #30136631
EK Tools 1/8” Heavy Duty Hole Punch #30110442
Sharp Scissors

You can make flowers in different sizes by using a different scallop circle punch size. Adjust paper size to accommodate punch size. Tip – use your scrap papers.



Use the EK Success scallop circle punch and punch out 11 scallop circles from double-sided printed paper. Fold each circle in half, matching the edges. Then, fold in half one more time, so they are now quarter circles.
Take the heavy duty hole punch and punch a hole a little in from the pointed tip, through all four thicknesses. NOTE: Do not punch and cut the tip.
Keeping them still folded; string all 11 folded circles through the holes onto the floral wire. Gather all the circles close together about 2” from the end of the wire. Bend the wire at the base of the gathered circles and twist the 2” tail of wire onto the main wire to hold in place.
Carefully, open each scallop circle until it unfolds into a full flower. Wrap the floral tape over the floral wire.
Finishing – You can add leaves as you wrap the stem. Make a bunch of flowers for a bouquet or tie a ribbon bow onto the wire at the flower base


2013 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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