Paper Mache Cupcake Ornament


1 or 2 colors of 6”x6” Doodlebug Potpourri paper packs
1 ea. Paper mache cupcake #2876-40
12” - Ribbon of your choice (cupcake trim)
1 ea. Jewelry finding eye pin (for hanger)
Meriken double-stick tape 3/16” width #30013283
Clear tape

Tools: Glue gun and glue sticks #77536417
Clever Lever circle punch 1” #30028719 (green)*
Clever Lever flower punch #30028733 (yellow)
Awl #77823229
Paper Trimmer #30092572

*You can also experiment using different size circles Optional:

Glue and ultra-fine or fine glitter




Cupcake base: Choose cupcake base paper. Trace the bottom of the paper mache cupcake and cut out glue the paper to the bottom of the cupcake. Using the same paper or choose another coordinating piece cut three 2” width. Use double-stick tape to connect the 3 pieces making a long strip. Accordions fold 1/8” to form a cupcake liner. Wrap the accordion folds paper around the bottom piece of the paper mache and glue in place. Cut away access paper. Glue the ribbon along the top edge of the liner.


Cupcake top: Select 2 or 3 patterned paper.


Row 1 –Punch 1” circles you will need approximately 14-15 pieces. Place the top of the paper mache cupcake on top of the base. Start at the bottom of the cupcake top glue one row of circles, overlapping around the base. Row 2 – Choose coordinating paper punch out approximately 12-13 circles. Position the circles to overlap the first row and glue in place.


Continue to glue the circles to the top of the cupcake. Make sure to space them evenly.


Topping: Punch out 2 flowers, and glue to the top of the cupcake. Use an awl and poke a tiny hole at the top of the cupcake. Insert the eye pin through the hole; bend the bottom of the eye pin. Place a piece of clear tape to cover the end of the pin this will help to keep the pin in place. Glue to top half of the cupcake to the base.


Optional: to create icing effect or simply adding more bling to your cupcake use a paint brush to apply glue to the top of the cupcake and sprinkle glitter, let dry.




2010 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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