Paper Mache Keepsake Box

1 qty. Paper Mache Keepsake Box #3010
1 qty. 12” x 12” printed paper
Acrylic Paint – color coordinate to paper
Stickers, chipboards die cuts, buttons etc, for embellishing
1” sponge Brush #10109
” Meriken double stick tape #30013284
Paper trimmer #30017631
Sharp Scissors
1/8” hole punch #77178541

Diagram 1



Paint along the edges of the box, about ” in and along all sides of box, except the bottom. Let dry.


Take the 12” x 12” paper and cut into the following pieces:

1 – 5 ” x 7 ” for the top of the box

2 – 2 ” x 7 ” for the front and back sides of the box

2 – 2 ” x 5 ” for the sides of the box

Trace the pattern and cut out one triangular piece for the front closure.


Center and attach each of the pieces to the corresponding sides of the box with double stick tape. For the piece that goes on the front side, you will need to punch a small hole to go over the snap.


After placing on the triangular piece, cover the snap with a button or sticker.


Add on more embellishments to the box as desired.

2008 Ben Franklin Crafts, Inc.


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